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I am writing this so that I can inspire, become motivated and finally find a life where food is not the answer to everything.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Have your cake...

Dear reader, please try and refrain from killing me or telling me I have been a naughty girl by giving into temptation, but I confess......I have eaten from the forbidden fruit and by God did it taste good.

I know technically whilst on a diet, dessert is restricted to fruit and water, but I have found an alternative. The Raspberry Oat Bar by www.haveyourcakeltd.com is possibly the most incredible sweet I have tried in a long time.

I apologise for the fact that my pictures do not do this raspberry and chocolate oat bar justice (I couldn't wait to take a picture before my first bite. sorry)

This is quite simply the most incredible 150 calorie bite I have ever had. The bars come in a container of 4 and are only 150 calories per slice. I know this is not ideal to eat everyday(nor is any sweet treat) but are far tastier than the "diet" bars of 180 calories.

Thumbs up Have your Cake. I love you guys

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  1. Oh that looks YUMMY!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


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