I have been addicted to food all my life and have decided to now find help for my "little" problem and take back control of my body.

I am writing this so that I can inspire, become motivated and finally find a life where food is not the answer to everything.

I am British born, but am currently living in NYC (so please excuse the spelling if it changes about a little bit).

I want this blog to become an inspiration to prove to you and to me that real results can be achieved in real time, on a low budget and by a confirmed couch potato

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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nantucket food adventures

Sorry I have not written recently, but I was kidnapped by little island called Nantucket. I was very tempted to stay forever, bu decided I needed to return home to feed the cat!!

One morning whilst visiting on said island, I returned to my hotel room to discover a little package on my bed.

What could it be I wondered to myself?

After what seemed like a lifetime of guessing (about 10 seconds), I opened up the little package to discover 2 little chocolate whales.

One was gobbled in a second. It was only once I had bitten its head off that I decided to take a picture (apologies dear reader)

Probably the closet I will ever get to kissing a whale in real life.

I just love small surprises like that. Even when I go to a shop, I ask to get things wrapped so that I can enjoy pulling all the fancy ribbons and bows off and getting to the "gift" underneath. Yes I know I already know what it is but there is still a lot of fun in unwrapping something.
Have you ever received a nice wrapped surprise on your hotel bed?
Is it just me that turns into a 5 year old at the sight of unwrapping something?

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  1. Oooh...I love it when nice hotels give out little presents, and those chocolate wales look lovely! How adorable. How fun that you are vacationing in Nantucket!


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