I have been addicted to food all my life and have decided to now find help for my "little" problem and take back control of my body.

I am writing this so that I can inspire, become motivated and finally find a life where food is not the answer to everything.

I am British born, but am currently living in NYC (so please excuse the spelling if it changes about a little bit).

I want this blog to become an inspiration to prove to you and to me that real results can be achieved in real time, on a low budget and by a confirmed couch potato

Welcome to my journey

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Just witnessed a horrific accident

Just saw a cab flip over in NYC. It was like something from a movie. I hope the driver is alright. Bloody scary stuff.

I have not been to the gym again today as I feel sorry for myself with this cold. I have however been taking Zinc Lozenges, Sambucol and Airborne which combined together have turned int0 the holy trinity of cold relief and I am on the mend.

I am going to go to the gym tomorrow and take my camera so I have photographic evidence of my workout- its going to be a fun filled day.

Today I have mostly been eating cherry's and figs. They are my favorite things at the minute and pretty good for you (I believe).

I promise my posts will get more exciting....I really need to get more of a life I think. lol


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Day 2

Well the day started well (NOT).

I overslept and missed my Dancing with the Stars celebrity workout. I am so gutted as I had my outfit prepared and everything.
The fault lies in the various medications I took last night to try and unclog my nose, stop my throat hurting and remove my headache. The result was an amazingly deep sleep that made me sleep through my alarm clock. Such a disappointment.

When I finally arose, I had a nice healthy breakfast, a 200 cal snack later on, a protein shake in between classes and another snack after class (3pm). It all went downhill from there....I went shopping!!!

Now let me make you clear about one thing about me: I have a very addictive personality!!
If I want to spend, I will spend, and spend, and spend. Ditto applies to eating.

So I was dragged to Sephora with a friend today and before you know it, I had a loaded shopping bag of cosmetics I need but don't need to spend that much money on), 2 bags from Pret A Manger, and a trip to Juniors Cheesecake shop.

It was a disaster of a day (very delicious day, but a disaster none the less)

I then got a cab home as my feet were hurting.

I also have an audition in an hour and I can hardly speak. I hope I can blag this on personality alone.

Repeat after me

"I am the greatest actress in the world and your size does not dictate your talent"

Stay tuned dear reader

P.S On a positive note, my camera has been fixed so I can start taking pictures of my weight loss adventures.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Day 1

Has not been good so far.
I honestly feel like crap and would much rather have spent the entire day in bed than performing in class!!

I don't know whether there is a psychosomatic link to the fact I decide to change my life and then get ill, or if it is just an unhappy coincidence???? Who knows

Being ill did lead to the comfort eating which consisted of a huge plate of Eggplant Parmesan....and by God did it taste good. It must have tasted as good as the first cigarette a smoker has after years of quitting. (slaps wrists). I will be good.

Tomorrow I have a dance class with the stars from Dancing with the Stars and the Broadway show- Burn The Floor.

Now this is not something I usually do or can afford. However, my gym was offering the first 100 people free entry to the event. Lucky me. I already know I will be the biggest girl in the room, but I hope that my West Indian hips will show the skinny girls how to move (wishful thinking)

Logging out

Sunday, 23 August 2009


This picture was taken on vacation in Cuba approx 2 years ago.
I would like to boast about how much weight I have lost since that holiday, but I cant. If anything, I have put on weight.

This goes to show how I am always full of good intentions. I vowed after this picture was taken, that I would become fit and healthy and run a marathon.
All hopes and dreams have vanished and I am bigger than ever.

I was the fattest person on that island and I promised myself I would never be embarrassed like that again.........another lie to myself.

I am making another promise. A public promise that ....

I will lose weight
I will become fitter
I will be able to do a running lap at the gym
I will ignore my current craving for pizza
I will stop spending money on take-out
I will go to the gym at least 3 times a week
I will become the person I dream of becoming

Logging out

I do enjoy a good drink

Now let me get one thing clear- I am not a beer drinker. I have tried, believe me I have but I just cannot stand the stuff. I wish I enjoyed this socially acceptable drink but I can't, therefore I like to use the calorie content as an excuse not to consume one. Crafty I know.

However, being true to my half West Indian heritage, I have a rather worrying addiction to rum....not any old rum mind you. It has to be dark rum. The darker the better. The darker, the better, the more calories!

The only thing I find worrying about my rum drinking habits, is the mixer that I choose to go with it. Coke! Now as all you dieters and health freaks know- Coke is full of empty calories which are fine if had occasionally or as a treat but are not really ideal for a long night out!

Do not fret my calorie conscious friends, I have found some "lite" replacements to the regular calorific cocktails


Bring on the rum (white), sugar, mint and soda,and mix into a delicious cocktail.

Calories per tumbler glass: Approx 250

Gin and Tonic

One of my mixology friends has told me that the lower the proof, the lower the calories. I don't know how the proof changes the taste of the drink but it is defo tip worth knowing my friends

Calories per glass: Approx 150


A personal favourite of mine
Mix the red wine, fruit (citrus to keep calories low), sugar (try Stevia- it works), and soda.

Many recipes call for Brandy to be added which makes the above mix sublime, but also adds on calories. Try and avoid it if you can

Calories per glass: Approx 280

Now, the calorie content of the above mentioned drinks are still pretty high. But as the odd treat, and as long as you work them into your calorie content, you should be ok.

Since embarking on my weight loss/ get fit plan, I have only had 2 drinks. This is because I would rather know that I can have a slice of cheesecake as a treat instead of a glass of wine.


My name is Kimberly and I am addicted to food. I have been addicted to food all my life and am now finding help for my "little" problem.
I am writing this so that I can inspire, become motivated and finally find a life where food is not the answer to everything.

I am British born, but am currently living in NYC (so please excuse the spelling if it changes about a little bit)

I have had a problem with food all my life and have finally decided to take a stand against the demons that have got me into this situation.

I want to prove to you (the big bad world) that weight loss can be achieved by a real person, without much money, and in a safe way.

I want this blog to become an inspiration to you and to me and show that real results can be achieved in real time.

Welcome to my journey
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