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Sunday, 23 August 2009

I do enjoy a good drink

Now let me get one thing clear- I am not a beer drinker. I have tried, believe me I have but I just cannot stand the stuff. I wish I enjoyed this socially acceptable drink but I can't, therefore I like to use the calorie content as an excuse not to consume one. Crafty I know.

However, being true to my half West Indian heritage, I have a rather worrying addiction to rum....not any old rum mind you. It has to be dark rum. The darker the better. The darker, the better, the more calories!

The only thing I find worrying about my rum drinking habits, is the mixer that I choose to go with it. Coke! Now as all you dieters and health freaks know- Coke is full of empty calories which are fine if had occasionally or as a treat but are not really ideal for a long night out!

Do not fret my calorie conscious friends, I have found some "lite" replacements to the regular calorific cocktails


Bring on the rum (white), sugar, mint and soda,and mix into a delicious cocktail.

Calories per tumbler glass: Approx 250

Gin and Tonic

One of my mixology friends has told me that the lower the proof, the lower the calories. I don't know how the proof changes the taste of the drink but it is defo tip worth knowing my friends

Calories per glass: Approx 150


A personal favourite of mine
Mix the red wine, fruit (citrus to keep calories low), sugar (try Stevia- it works), and soda.

Many recipes call for Brandy to be added which makes the above mix sublime, but also adds on calories. Try and avoid it if you can

Calories per glass: Approx 280

Now, the calorie content of the above mentioned drinks are still pretty high. But as the odd treat, and as long as you work them into your calorie content, you should be ok.

Since embarking on my weight loss/ get fit plan, I have only had 2 drinks. This is because I would rather know that I can have a slice of cheesecake as a treat instead of a glass of wine.

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