I have been addicted to food all my life and have decided to now find help for my "little" problem and take back control of my body.

I am writing this so that I can inspire, become motivated and finally find a life where food is not the answer to everything.

I am British born, but am currently living in NYC (so please excuse the spelling if it changes about a little bit).

I want this blog to become an inspiration to prove to you and to me that real results can be achieved in real time, on a low budget and by a confirmed couch potato

Welcome to my journey

Monday, 24 August 2009

Day 1

Has not been good so far.
I honestly feel like crap and would much rather have spent the entire day in bed than performing in class!!

I don't know whether there is a psychosomatic link to the fact I decide to change my life and then get ill, or if it is just an unhappy coincidence???? Who knows

Being ill did lead to the comfort eating which consisted of a huge plate of Eggplant Parmesan....and by God did it taste good. It must have tasted as good as the first cigarette a smoker has after years of quitting. (slaps wrists). I will be good.

Tomorrow I have a dance class with the stars from Dancing with the Stars and the Broadway show- Burn The Floor.

Now this is not something I usually do or can afford. However, my gym was offering the first 100 people free entry to the event. Lucky me. I already know I will be the biggest girl in the room, but I hope that my West Indian hips will show the skinny girls how to move (wishful thinking)

Logging out

1 comment:

  1. The dance class sounds lots of fun!

    You're being ill is just a coincidence, don't let it get your mind off your journey to being a healthier person!

    Have fun tomorrow!


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