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I am writing this so that I can inspire, become motivated and finally find a life where food is not the answer to everything.

I am British born, but am currently living in NYC (so please excuse the spelling if it changes about a little bit).

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Curb Appeal

So my new obsession in NYC is checking out the outside of peoples apartments and wishing I had enough money to live inside them. Have a look at the little collection I have picked up.

I am a sucker for ivy growing up a house and I think it frames the windows beautifully (makes you look past the bins at least)

I don't usually like window boxes without flowers in but I think the shrubs look beautiful here

Now climbers in window boxes are right up my alley. And the huge lavender plants below the windows make this exterior decor simply divine

I love love love this house. It is a registered building hidden away on 18th street and I want to move in so much. The front garden is simply huge. As it is a dark and sunless garden, shade loving plants such as ferns would thrive here.
Those are my favorite so far. What do you do to add curb appeal to the front of your house?


  1. These are really lovely apartments, especially the last one!

  2. Don't have a house but do like imagining living in one.


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